Business advisory

Collaborative working to achieve your commercial objectives.

We support founders and entrepreneurs at all stages of their business journey. By helping them with strategic decision-making across a wide range of business advisory areas, we can make a material difference to the business now and in the future.

Working collaboratively with your business our advisors can deliver a series of best practice frameworks and bespoke business programmes to shape its future ambition and outcomes.

As exited business owners, we understand what it takes to run a successful business. Our advice comes from decades of experience, successfully overcoming the challenges you are yet to face and identifying opportunities to grow your business.

Many business advisory solutions fail to align your business ambitions with your own and this is a key difference with Move at Pace. We objectively support your personal ambition first and foremost and help you build the business to support this focus.

Whether you are planning for growth or business exit we can help. 

Business advisory services

Founders vision setting

We help you identify your truthful priorities and ambitions. By documenting these along a timeline, we work to maximise your focus on the areas that will help you realise your future vision.

Business vision and strategic planning

No matter what stage of business you are at, we can support you with a business vision and a strategic plan to achieve this. Whether you're just getting started or planning an exit,  we'll help you plan, implement and track the actions you need to take.

Increasing business performance and value

Our expert business advisors help you determine the core levers of growth and build an actionable plan to increase business performance.  At all times, we will consider your personal and business ambitions.

Business health check - Business diagnostic

Our business health check or business diagnostic provides an in-depth review of the current state of play in your business. Conducted over a single workshop, we are able to identify strengths and weaknesses when aligned against your business vision.

Exit strategy planning

Consider this. If someone raised their hand today and wanted to buy your business. Would it be ready? And would you get maximum value for it? If not, speak to us.

Debt advisory and restructuring

We help our clients to find solutions to financial challenges and access to financing options on the best possible terms.

Why choose us?

Each business we work with is at a unique stage of its journey and faces different challenges and opportunities.

Our team of expert advisors work with you to create objective and bespoke solutions to meet your business’s current and future needs.

Our business advisory solutions offer real-world advice from experienced professionals, to meet the fast-changing pace of your business.

Get to know us

Connor McAuley

Managing Partner


If you want to explore the options of working with us, please use the form below. Once we have a few initial details, we’ll set up a completely free discovery call to understand how we might work best together. 

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I think a common concern for every entrepreneur or business owner who seeks out a consultant or professional advice is ‘can this person really understand me and my business?’. The answer when speaking about Connor is a definite yes! My time working with Connor was practical and effective. He doesn’t beat around the bush, he gives direct advice or insight without holding back, something that is very valuable to a company like ours.

Marcus O'Sullivan

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many types of services under the umbrella of advisory services. They may also be referred to as management consulting or advisory consulting and they include professional services that help businesses across each of their commercial functions.

Commonly business advisory services specialise in operational, financial or business functions. Within Move at Pace, we primarily support entrepreneurs with their commercial vision and the business functions to increase performance and value.

A business advisor supports entrepreneurs, by providing experience, knowledge and objectivity in decision making. A great business advisor will help businesses to become increasingly profitable through effective strategies and solutions.

The cost of hiring a business advisor in Belfast is based on a number of different factors. 

Primarily the cost will come down to the service required and the level of support you need within the business. Some clients choose to complete a single project with our team, whereas others work with us on an ongoing basis.

When deciding on a business advisor, the cost is secondary to the experience and knowledge of the partner you choose.

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