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Leadership & Executive Coaching | Business Mentorship

Actionable support from experienced business advisors

Exited business leaders make better business coaches

Our business advisors are exclusively entrepreneurs who have successfully built and sold their profitable businesses.

We offer executive and leadership-level support to ensure you remain focused on your long-term goals, while having a trusted advisor to help you deliver immediate needs.

Growing a business is hard and your journey is unique, but there is a commonality in the challenges you face and the opportunities yet to be explored. We know this because as successful entrepreneurs, we’ve had to overcome many obstacles and we’ve looked for growth in our business.

At Move at Pace, we offer effective coaching and business advisory. Real-world, experienced and knowledgeable advice to help you implement the strategies and processes that will actually grow your business.

It might sound pretty direct, but we want to work with ambitious entrepreneurs who want to want to scale their businesses effectively and profitably.

Business coaching & mentorship process

World-class support requires collaboration. When engaged to provide our services, we first match you with an advisor that best fits your business and ambition.

Each of our advisors business owners who have successfully built and exited their business. Working with you, we’ll assess which will best fit you and your ambition.

  • Coaching and mentorship sessions are conducted on a regular schedule, usually 1 per month.
  • Meetings last 1.5 hours.
  • Before each meeting, our admin team will provide an agenda to fill in expectations and topics to discuss.
  • Following each meeting, any follow-up actions or activities will be delivered as agreed.
  • Meetings are held in-person or via Google Meet, whichever is your preference.


The work that we undertake is held in the strictest confidence and we hold this responsibility with the highest integrity. However, the experience our advisors have gained working within their own and many other businesses is integral to providing an expansive breadth and depth of knowledge.


We’re committed to delivering value far, in excess of your investment in time and money immediately after engagement as a client. Our no-waffle, direct approach to guidance and support provides the answers you need when you need them.

We will always be respectful of your time and commitment to our service. But we expect the same in return. Our focus is always to provide trusted and valued advice that provides benefits far greater than any investment in our service.

Pricing for our executive & leadership coaching and mentorship is based on regularly scheduled monthly meetings, however, discounts are available for 6 and 12-month commitments. 


If everything above sounds good and you want to explore the options of utilising our services, then please get in touch via the form below. Once we have a few initial details, we’ll set up a completely free discovery call to understand how we might work best together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many business coaches in Belfast who have decades of experience and have worked with clients across a wide variety of sectors. At Move at Pace our business advisors are each successfully exited entrepreneurs who have built their business from the ground up through to exit.

When looking to hire a business coach in Belfast, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have they achieved success in a business outside of coaching?
  2. Does their experience lend itself to my ambitions for my business?


It is always prudent to set a discovery call with those who look to align with your business and then understand more about their offering.

In Belfast, the cost of a business coach per hour can range from £250 to £500+vat. Usually coaching sessions last 1-2 hours and the price is charged at a single hourly rate.

Depending on the coach’s experience, there may be outliers at a higher session cost.

We wouldn’t necessarily define our service as business coaching, but rather advisory for small to medium sized businesses. 

However the majority of people searching for business coaches in Belfast would do so because this is a more common phrase. While there is similarity to the service of business coaching and business advisory, we would expect a distinct difference in the level of advice give.

Leadership coaching is a personalised development process that aims to enhance an individual’s ability to motivate and guide teams effectively. It focuses on refining skills like communication, conflict resolution, and fostering a positive team culture. The goal is to help leaders bring out the best in their colleagues and drive collective success.

Executive coaching, on the other hand, takes a more strategic approach. It supports senior leaders in making pivotal decisions that shape an organisation’s direction. The coach acts as an impartial sounding board, challenging assumptions and offering fresh perspectives. The emphasis is on developing a clear vision and translating it into impactful, sustainable change across the company.

While the two coaching styles have distinct areas of focus, they are complementary practices. Effective leadership at all levels is crucial for organisational growth and resilience in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

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