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We work to identify the opportunities and challenges your business will face in every phase of its life cycle. We help our clients achieve their personal and commercial ambitions by building and implementing strategic plans backed with real-world experience.

Business is hard tough and let’s be honest, it rarely gets any easier. Navigating business as a founder is often a lonely journey. If we’re truthful with ourselves, we don’t know everything, nor do we want to.

Having a trusted and experienced partner to challenge you and your business is critical to its continued success. Together we’ll look for the opportunities yet to be realised and chart a course to achieving these. 


Coaching & mentorship

Business coaching - Leadership coaching - Executive coaching - Business mentor

Advisory services

Business advisory services - Non-executive director

Growth strategy

Business growth strategy - Exit strategy planning - Business health check and diagnostic - 1-1 Strategy sessions

Growth & exit programmes

Agency Growth Network - Growth Accelerator - The Creative Mastermind - Exit Ready - The Mastermind Summit

Training & workshops

Effective selling - Operational excellence - Marketing - Strategy for profitable growth - Future Vision planning

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Connor McAuley

Managing Partner


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Unstoppable Sales Strategy

Uncover the best practice techniques that will maximise sales in your business - step by step course and guide.


I think a common concern for every entrepreneur or business owner who seeks out a consultant or professional advice is ‘can this person really understand me and my business?’. The answer when speaking about Connor is a definite yes! My time working with Connor was practical and effective. He doesn’t beat around the bush, he gives direct advice or insight without holding back, something that is very valuable to a company like ours.

Marcus O'Sullivan

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