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Non-Executive Director

Dedicated to the success of your business

Experience, knowledge & support when you need it

As a business owner, many of the decisions and choices you need to make are unknown.

You will face many challenges for the first time and hope to capitalise on the opportunities you are yet to create.

When you need experience, knowledge and insights you don’t currently have, or you want a partner to support your ambitions and plans, then it might be time to consider a non-executive director.

We flippantly say that it’s cheaper and easier to learn from someone who has made mistakes (gained experience), than it is to do so yourself.

We don’t want to work with just anyone. We’re looking for ambitious entrepreneurs and businesses who want experienced advice and support with their vision and growth strategy but doing so sustainably and profitably.

Our advisors are each exited owners of successful businesses across many different markets. Not only have they walked in your shoes, but they have experienced and navigated many of the challenges and opportunities you are yet to face.

At Move at Pace, we support several service-led right across the UK and Ireland with a trusted, cost-effective and credible Non-Executive Director support system.

What we offer as a Non-Executive Director

Every great business is driven by great leadership. We each have strengths in business, but acknowledging our weaknesses and understanding that “we don’t know what we don’t know” is critical.

With our role as non-executive directors, we work to understand the specific needs of your business and work to support it appropriately. 

  • Guidance and knowledge of business direction and growth planning
  • Development of sales strategies, sales teams and an acute focus on the numbers
  • Implementation of cutting-edge systems and processes to support operational excellence
  • Financial support, direction and best practice guidance
  • Respectfully challenge leadership to achieve agreed business objectives
  • Exit strategy or business transition planning


The work that we undertake is held in the strictest confidence and we hold this responsibility with the highest integrity. However, the experience our advisors have gained working within their own and many other businesses is integral to providing an expansive breadth and depth of knowledge.


As a Non-Executive Director supporting your business, there is a requirement and investment of both time and money.

We will always be respectful of your time and commitment to our service. But we expect the same in return. Our focus is always to provide trusted and valued advice that provides benefits far greater than any investment in our service.


If everything above sounds good to you and you’re looking for an experienced, knowledgeable and approachable non-executive director, then please get in touch via the form below. Once we have a few initial details, we’ll set up a completely free discovery call to better understand how we might work together. 

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