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What Are Business Advisory Services?

Business advisory services include a wide range of commercial consulting services provided by experts in various fields of business. Often advisory firms are led by financial consultants with direction from accountants to model financial evaluations, performance improvements, cost-benefit analyses, stock control systems and business valuations. Furthermore, a financially led business adviser can help with tax compliance, projections and budgeting. 

In Northern Ireland, if you search for a business advisory service you’ll see a page filled with the big accountancy firms. Yet, business advisory services are not solely limited to financial consulting services. It pays to understand when and where a strategy consulting or a business consulting advisory might be better suited to your business needs. Just in case you’re in any doubt, these are the services we provide.

Business advisers help transform your business

From start-up to exit a trusted business advisory can help ambitious entrepreneurs navigate the challenges faced and understand opportunities yet to be explored. Whether you want to explore new business areas or develop existing functions, advisers can help you focus on the actions that will make a difference most efficiently.

Common business advisory services 

  • Financial services such as forecasting and cashflow analysis
  • Exit strategy or transition planning
  • Business vision and strategic growth plans
  • Driving value in the business
  • Information technology systems and process
  • Automation and process
  • Sales strategy

This list is non-exhaustive, but the reach of business advisory services spans all corners of your business. Through a partnership between your business and your chosen adviser, the expected outcome is to help your business grow.

When to use a business adviser?

You can bring in trusted advisers at any stage of your entrepreneurial journey, however, it is common to use one when making material changes to your business. The role of the business adviser is to help you research, strategise, implement and evaluate a course of action to achieve your goals.

Key events to use a business adviser include:

  • Transition or exit of leadership
  • Exploring new markets or products
  • Strategic growth planning
  • Changing business information systems
  • Changes to the business structure
  • Buying or selling a business

Benefits of advisory services

Experience and knowledge

A company that hires advisory services will benefit from pragmatic advice, experience and knowledge their advisers bring to the business. With a broader depth of experience, this often brings an alternative perspective, providing a unique viewpoint for consideration. They will prepare you for the challenges and opportunities your business may face in any chosen action. 


A business adviser should be objective in their approach to supporting your business. Leading without emotion, you can expect to hear the answers you need to hear, not what you want. Being objective in your business we would expect an external adviser to support better decisions and outcomes when navigating complex or emotional decisions.

Business advisory services provided by Move at Pace

Our core focus of business advisory is structured around strategic planning and the delivery of your vision to meet your goals and objectives. We work with related parties inside and outside of your business to create and support growth and/or exit plans.

  • Management Consulting
  • IT Advisory
  • Marketing and Sales Advisory

While we do not provide financial advisory in-house, we work collaboratively with many financial advisers and accountancy practices in Belfast to ensure we can offer the best possible solution for your business.

If you’re interested in a strategic support service for your business and an advisory is a consideration, then please get in touch with our team via the contact page

Frequently asked questions

What is business advisory?

Business advisory services provide a suite of services that support businesses across different functions. Some business advisers focus on strategy, sales, marketing and operation. Others focus on financial performance and mechanisms to monitor and understand data more effectively. The purpose of a trusted adviser is to take an objective view of the challenges and opportunities faced by your business and help strategise a plan to address these.

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