Solopreneur To Agency

From One To Many - Start A Successful Creative Business

What Is This Programme?

Many of the creative agency owners I’ve worked with, started as solopreneurs. These are extraordinary designers, developers or marketers who know their trade inside out. Yet business was an alien world and if I mentioned selling….well that’s something car salespeople do. 

Make no mistake about it, starting a creative agency as a solopreneur is hard. And growing that into a business that makes you a great income while also giving you the freedom to pursue the life you desire is harder.

But as someone who has started, built and exited my own agency. I can tell you that it’s totally worth it. This programme is tailored for those new to business or want to know real-world advice on how to set up and grow their agency.

Whats Included?

What are the business modules?

Each of the business modules are created to give you the foundations needed to manage a successful small creative agency. From managing your money to growing sales and hiring your first employee, we’ll cover everything you need to know about being a creative entrepreneur.

Each of the modules will become the basis of our monthly coaching calls, allowing each of our members to ask questions directly from Connor and his team of industry professionals.

All modules include an array of videos, additional written resources and done-for-you templates, allowing you to focus on the areas of business you are good at.

The business modules will be shared bi-weekly over the first 10 weeks to allow you to take action and fully implement the elements that are applicable to your creative business.


Project Management



Managing Your Money

I am confident that once you finish the 10-week sprint, you will have the knowledge and understand to start and grow your creative business.

I'm also confident you won't want to leave
here's why!

Monthly Group Workshops

Having all the tools and resources you need is one thing. But having someone to guide you through the process as you take action is another entirely. 

Each month Connor and his team host a group workshop with each of the members in the Solopreneur to Agency programme.

They will answer your questions live on the event and those topics that require further explanation will become the basis of new videos and supplementary resources added to the site.

Our members find huge success listening to and learning from the collective experience of the group.

Peer Networking & Support

With an exclusive Slack channel for members, our support team alongside your network of peers will become a trusted community using collective understanding, experience and energy to answer any growth questions you have.

Frequently added resources

Building a world-leading resource for creative business owners faces the challenge that the topics we talk about today are history tomorrow. It’s never been truer that the market in which we operate changes at a rapid pace.

It is our commitment to our programme members that we will add regular resources to our resource library that will meet the ever-changing needs of our member businesses.

Many of these topics will be derived from our coaching calls to answer specific questions from members that can benefit the collective group as a whole.

How Much Does It Cost?

We’ve designed the programme to give you all the tools and resources you need to build your own successful creative business. I’m confident that each of the modules alone will give you 100x the value of their cost over the life of your business. As your business grows, I want to continue working with you and that’ll only happen if we deliver on our promises. I fully believe we will and more.

Solopreneur To Agency Programme




Price £297

Initial cost and £49 per month after 10 weeks

We want you to get continued support and success through continued access to our network and monthly coaching calls. The initial payment of £297 for the programme includes 10 weeks of access to our resources and programme features. After this, your membership will auto-renew at £49 per month. You are free to cancel this at any point during the programme or before your 10-week sprint ends. 

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