Creative Mastermind Summit

reach new heights

The Creative Summit is a 3-day residential held high in the mountains away from the agencies we own and manage.

Its focus is providing the leaders of both our signature programmes with the opportunity to truly focus on their own personal and business growth, hear from world-leading experts and network with a select cohort of industry peers.

What's Included?

What Does It Cost?

The Mastermind Summit is FREE non-contractual benefit for members of our Creative Mastermind who have completed 6 months or more of our programme.

For members of our other programmes or those who have recently started with The Creative Mastermind, the event costs £1299+vat

Workshops & Experiences

The Creative Mastermind Summit workshops are less about the day-to-day businesses we operate and are more focused on addressing the big-picture goals our members face.

Whether that’s personal ambition or motivation, managing stress, developing new skills or planning for your own early retirement, it’s our goal to use the summit to meet the needs of our members.

We liaise with our members during the year to understand how you’ll get the best from your Creative Mastermind Summit experience.


Whats Not Included?

Register Your Interest

The Creative Summit will be presented to members of our programmes for priority booking. In the unlikely event that there are any free places, please register your interest below. Spaces are limited and they will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

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