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5 common exit strategies for your business

exit strategies

Allow yourself to daydream for just a minute. 5 years from now, if you had to picture yourself in your ideal scenario, where would you be? What would you be doing? Chances are you wouldn’t be dreaming about sitting behind your desk, but a more likely scenario would be beyond your current business. But this […]

Foundations of a successful business exit


Building a good company and building one to sell are parallel journeys. A good business, running well, is easier to sell than one that needs attention or effort to realise an exit. If you start with the end in mind, then the foundations of a successful exit should be relatively straightforward and normal practice for […]

Common reasons to sell a business


It’s the dream of entrepreneurs and business owners countrywide to one day sell their business. After all, you’ve worked hard to start, build and grow your business. And for many entrepreneurs, the end goal is to one day sell your business. But over 60% of businesses fail in the first 5 years and from those […]

Selling a Business in Northern Ireland

Like anywhere else, selling a business in Northern Ireland can be straightforward. But it can also be a considerable challenge. Many of these challenges are out of your control, but others can be mitigated with consideration towards preparing your business for sale. None of this is easy, but there is a process that can be […]

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