5 ways to grow your business this week

Sometimes you need to look at the big picture, others you just need to do the things that will make you money. And right now, in the middle of the year, there isn’t the time to doddle, nor is there time to strategise. It’s time to take action on your plans. It’s time to grow your business.

If I were in your shoes today, here’s what I’d do this week to make a material difference to my business.

Action 1: Pick up the phone

When was the last time you picked up the phone intending to make a sale? 

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to cold call 100 prospective clients, far from it. 

But each day this week, I want you to pick up the phone and speak to one client with a specific goal in mind. And that goal is to get more business.

Questions you should ask

  • What are the plans for Q3?
  • What challenges have you faced?
  • What’s changed in the business?
  • Is there anything we can help with?

All of these questions help you tease information regarding your clients’ need. It’s up to you to understand this and relate it to the projects you can support them with. This is easy, but it’s passive.

If it was me on the sales push this week, I’m have a look back at historic projects and see if there are any upcoming annual projects we can start. 

I’d also look to present ideas that might benefit their upcoming commercial objectives. “Have you tried XXX? We’ve seen it work for other clients….”

Think about how you can provide value to your client and not just be an order taker.

Action 2: Update your website

Does your website truly reflect all the services you offer? I’ll bet you a Free 1-hour consultation that it doesn’t. 

Are you then relying on your clients asking you about a service? Or waiting on your team to inform and educate your clients? Lol.

I’m a realist, so I’m not going to ask you to redo your entire site at once. But take one service not currently shared on your website and write the content to get it put live.

The results from this won’t be instant, but this new page will eventually rank in Google. Again that’s pretty passive. So let’s not leave anything to chance.

Action 3: Market the service you’ve just added to your site

How are your clients going to know about this “new service”? 

Rhetorical question. We’re going to tell them.

  • Salespeople need to ensure they mention this service on every applicable call
  • Create a sales document that can be attached to emails or LinkedIn your email signature
  • Share social content around the service
  • Create case studies and social proof

Think about every touch point your clients have with your business. With every new service added to the business, a considered focus on educating and informing clients is a must-do task.

Action 4: Complete a time audit

Of course, I’m asking you to spend time on your business development. But I appreciate your week was already chaotic (and it hasn’t even started yet). So let’s address that.

As business leaders, we hold onto unproductive tasks that eat into our day. Often we’re too accessible. Then by the end of each day or week, we question what we’ve actually accomplished. 

The answer is that we need to delegate, but knowing what is often an unknown. A time audit will help shine a spotlight on where the time is sucked from you through non-essential tasks. 

Action 5: Get out of your comfort zone

One of my newest clients said to me on our first call,

“I follow dozens of business advisors, but signed with you because you’re authentic”.

This is the exact response I hoped for. He’d seen plenty of my content and was able to make a decision based on knowing, liking and trusting what I said.

I publish a tonne of content, yet I still don’t find it easy or natural. 

I’m not even asking you to get in front of a camera. But I want you to do a little self-promotion this week. Nothing fancy and certainly nothing showy. 

But if you made a considered effort to present your business to a wider audience, sharing some of your work and the results from this, what would you do?

It might be a social post, it could be saying yes to a podcast. And yes it could be a video. Your inactivity in promoting yourself and your business is giving others a chance to catch up or take over…

Small actions = big results

Remember, all of these are just decisions. Choices that support your business ambitions. If you choose to take action, you might see results. You might not. But if you don’t take action, there’s only one outcome.

None of this comes easy and none of us is consistent all the time in our efforts. I know, because I’ve been around many entrepreneurs and helped thousands with their businesses. But while there is commonality in the challenges and opportunities we face, you’re not in the same position as anyone else.

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