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Sales Training For Creative Agencies

I am not, nor will I ever claim to be a creative lead. In a studio environment, I know my place and it’s as far away from the Creative Cloud ecosystem as can be. My role was business owner, founder and for a lot of the time I focused intensively on the business development or […]

How to stay motivated as a creative entrepreneur


As an entrepreneur, one of the hardest challenges we each face is staying motivated. And 7 weeks into 2024, that new year drive is probably dwindling, if even just a little. Now staying motivated comes easy to some, but for others, it’s an incredible challenge. And the thing is, it’s impossible to be motivated all […]

The reason you can’t sell design

With a hand on my heart I can tell you that design is one of the hardest services to sell. We sell dreams, promises and visual representations that in isolation are worth less than the paper they may one day be printed on. And I don’t say this lightly as these are the collective thoughts […]

3 tips to increase your productivity as an agency owner


As agency owners, the input and influence we impart on our studio is often far greater than it should be. For the longest time, I was the “oracle”, or rather I believed myself to be. In the real world, we are often the bottleneck, holding things up due to our inexperience or inefficiency. Dare I […]

Design Agency Sales Strategies: Social Selling

In the agency world, I’m somewhat of an anomaly. I’m not a designer and I am most certainly not a developer. Anything that remotely looks like creativity in my work is through osmosis of working with hundreds of talented creatives over nearly 2 decades. However, I am and always will be a student of business […]

How to grow a design agency in 2024


If I were looking to grow a design agency next year, here are the top 5 things I’d do now to give my business the best opportunity for growth. Step 1 – Love the ones you’re with It’s always easier to keep a customer than to find a new one. If we can retain 80% […]

Creative agency margins: What should they be?


As a creative agency owner profit was always on my mind. If our margins were good, we’d make a profit and like every business, this is the key to success. But being an agency owner, we often work in isolation away from our competitors. I spoke with a client last week who commented that creative […]

Setting revenue targets for your agency


As ambitious creative entrepreneurs, we rarely want to take a step backwards in business and if we’re completely honest with ourselves, a step back means “making less money”. With ever-increasing costs of doing business, even staying the same can take money from our pockets. With this in mind, it should be a primary focus for […]

5 Ways To Supercharge Your Agency’s Growth

There are very few agency owners who say that they don’t want to grow their business. Uncommon yes, non-existent, definitely not. Yet I’d argue, that in today’s market, even to stand still we need to grow. In many agencies, costs are up, and profit is stagnating or falling, but it doesn’t have to be that […]

How to Get More Clients on a Monthly Retainer


When you’re trying to scale your agency, putting time, resources and focus into its growth, seeing the revenue rise and fall each month can cause huge stress. No matter how much effort you put in, business planning is harder and often a best guess without a predictable revenue stream. I’ve worked with agencies who have […]

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